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Eryn + Jace - Part I

I feel like I always say how happy I am to be a part of all of the weddings I’m lucky enough to design invites for, but this wedding is even more special than normal. I have known Eryn for (this makes me feel old) TEN years! Eryn’s big sister, Allyson, is my BFF. So naturally, when I heard that Eryn + Jace were tying the knot I was beyond excited! Congratulations to the happy couple. I’m incredibly happy for you and can’t wait to watch your love grow!

Photo by  Alana Denham

Photo by Alana Denham

Meet Us In The Mountains

Jace proposed to Eryn on a camping trip, so how perfect is it that they would get hitched in the same place?

Eryn and I met at her sister’s house one night to discuss all the details of what she wanted everything to look like over a bottle of bubbly.

We started us a joint Pinterest board to add our favorite ideas to. (How did any wedding planning get done before Pinterest??!) Everything came together so perfectly for these Save The Dates.

Take a look below! <3




I tend to gravitate more to airy naturals, so getting to design something more moody than what I normally would do has been a lot of fun. I’m really digging the deep romantic vibe these invites have. It’s perfect for Jace + Eryn.

Stay tuned for their wedding invitations! #meetusinthemountains #jaceanderyn