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Celebrate Noel


This past weekend at The NAT was our annual Celebrate Noel event, kicking off the holiday season for all of our shoppers. We’re not quite in the holiday spirit, but setting up our tree + our favorite Colonel Cupcake sure did help! Check out our colorful Christmas décor below!



We absolutely love this felt ball garland. It doesn’t take much to throw up on a couple of shelves or on a tree, and it’s a simple way to add color to cheer up your décor. We have several strands for sale right now!


Oh, Christmas Tree!

We’ve had this tree in our home for a couple of years now, and we just weren’t prepared to set it up at the house yet. We absolutely love this concept of the floral “garland” and it’s so EASY. We purchased most of these floral stems at our local craft stores. They look pretty cheesy all piled in your basket, but once you stick them in the tree, it makes such a BIG statement.


Candy Cane Forest

We found these vintage wooden candy canes on our fall trip to Round Top, Texas. They are the perfect addition to any wall, or they’re equipped with hardware on the back to attach stakes so that you can stick them in your yard. We’re absolutely in love with these. (And just between us, if they don’t sell by December, we’re taking them home for our own yard.)